Skabbawakka 1
Holy Wood, Pine, Apple Wood, Nails, Acrylic Paint & Boiled Linseed Oil
20cm x 72.5cm x 20cm (width x height x depth)

"The Skabbawakka is an ancient spirit being that emanates from the lower depths. They are said to inhabit the heavily forested areas of Shropshire and Mid-Wales where they spend much of their lives living a subterranean existence. Occasionally they make an appearance above ground, but only on a moonless night in order to forage and hunt for food. If you are ever lucky enough to spot a Skabbawakka, as it forages for roots and vegetables or the occasional badger, then you are blessed. You actually have more chance of seeing a UFO than you have of ever spotting this dazzling black and white one-eyed beast. Before you spot one, you shall surely hear it first, as they make a KLA KLA KLA KLA sound which is highly distinctive. The Skabbawakka is said to possess healing magic and if you make eye contact with one then a lifetime of good health, fortune, and joy shall be bestowed upon you."

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