“Six Eyed Craddocks inhabit Saturn's moon Titan. The creatures were first discovered by NASA space probes in the late 2060's. They live on the ocean bed, are fiercely cannibalistic, extremely territorial and aggressive and have only been observed to socialise with other Six Eyed Craddocks in order to mate and facilitate reproduction. Several submersible rovers exploring the moon's oceans have been severely damaged by the creatures, which when fully grown can reach the size of a male Rhinoceros. Not much else is currently known about their biological or genetic makeup and further studies are ongoing.

Artwork specifications:

• Ink on paper.
• Original drawing.
• Framed in wooden painted box frame.
• 120 g/m² (75lbs) acid free fine grain paper.
• 19cm x 19cm x 3.5cm framed (width x height x depth).
• 17cm x 17cm (width x height) unframed.

• Complete with wall mountings.
• Created 2014.

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Six Eyed Craddock - Drawing

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