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The Horned Norse Yag is found in the dense forests of Scandinavia, particularly in Norway, Sweden and Finland. They stand roughly a metre high and weight around 40-60kg. A stocky creature, which is most excellent at warding off trolls. Their diet consists of fungi, berries and troll. They breed once every seven years and usually have 2-3 offspring. There is thought to be a breeding population of 140,000 in existence. Their call sign to one another in the dense forests, sounds to us like a deep and lengthy burp.

Artwork specifications:

• Ink on paper.
• Original drawing.
• Unframed.
• 300 g/m² (140lbs) acid free water colour paper.
• 22cm x 20.2cm (width x height).
• Created 2016.

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Horned Norse Yag II - Drawing

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