King Bashing

Confessions: Dear Lord, I Can't Reach!

Mary At Festival In Mud

The Trump Administration

Six Eyed Craddock

Yellow Lariss

The Machine To End All Wars

Man With Giant Pointy Nose

Bastard Atom

World's Biggest Baddest Bomb

Man Wrapped Inside Three Feet Of Steel Mesh

Long War

Your Finger Strapped To A Goose

This Could Be How It's All Going To End

Please Don't Wank



Mr Goth

Please Fancy Me

Mad House

Happy Birthday

Cunts With Sunburn 2

Prize Race Horse

Career Ladders - The Suicide Bomber

Acid Bath

I Am A Mess

Animal Suicide 3

Vote For More

New Born Bombs Cause....Population Explosion

Your Grandfather Also Gets Off On This

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