April Drawings
One drawing a day, throughout April

07 May 2015
A summary of the April Drawings 2015. Displayed below are eight of my personal favourites, which have been selected from the original set of thirty works. The complete set are available to view on my Facebook page.

No.4 of 30 - Landscape of imagination 2

No.5 of 30 - Landscape of imagination 3

No.7 of 30 - Valley

No.8 of 30 - Tree

No.11 of 30 - Billie

No.25 of 30 - Windy day

No.27 of 30 - Up in smoke

No.29 of 30 - Made in China

Edward and Bruce

08 March 2015
Edward Oscar White born 2:53pm, weighing 4lb 11oz, followed by his younger brother Bruce Harold White, born 2:54pm and weighing 5lb 4oz on Thursday 8th January 2015. So far it's been an incredibly busy start to 2015, both mother and babies are doing very well indeed. Jasmine Maisy their loving if slightly bossy older sister, turned two on Monday 2nd March, so as you can imagine, our hands are slightly full at this present time and art and creativity has taken the back seat as we adjust to our new sleep deprived routines.

The good news is, we're all happy and well!

Edward Oscar White (L) and Bruce Harold White (R)

Ceramic Mugs
On sale now!

05 December 2014
The mugs are sourced and manufactured in the UK and printed by www.clubmugs.co.uk of Belfast. The brilliant colour and high quality finish is produced using the dye-sublimation printing process at their Belfast studio, the mugs are also guaranteed dishwasher safe.

Buy a mug here:

6 x Ceramic mugs

Product specifications:
- White ceramic Durham style mug.
- 350ml (12oz) capacity approx.
- 9.5cm height x 8cm diameter approx.
- Microwave and dishwasher safe.

Shop Now OPEN!!!
Don't be a mug!

21 November 2014
After much procrastination, having a family, rebuilding his house, chopping firewood, cooking his favourite dal and generally being busy, Rob has now decided to open his first online shop. The aim is to bring to you his work in a high quality format, wherever you live and straight to your door.

Visit the shop here:

Want One?! - Promotional ad. for initial shop launch - November 2014

The shop was launched on 19th November 2014, it initially carried stock of ceramic mugs. The aim now is to bring to you a wider range of quality products with similar embellishments. It is important that this process is not hurried, as great care is taken to find the finest producers and printers from across the land. Each and every product has been carefully crafted, he uses the finest quality papers and blanks and every item is personally handled and checked over by Rob prior to being shipped, so as to guarantee that what you receive is of the utmost quality.

Future stock will include: limited prints, original drawings, paintings, ceramic mugs, china mugs, t-shirts, postcards, greeting cards and much more.

Buy someone you love a gift for Christmas at:

A Book About Death
Poster for The Royal Cambrian Academy exhibition, Conwy, Wales

20 October 2014
Poster Design promoting the A Book About Death show, held at The Royal Cambrian Academy, Conwy, Wales.

A Book About Death - Poster design

The above artwork depicts a barren landscape, devoid of life, colour or any defining detail. This ethereal landscape of death is exploring the notion that once we depart this mortal coil, we embark on a journey into the unknown. Unknown in the fact that every living creature, every single human that has ever lived, has had to undertake the same journey into a landscape for which no map has been drawn. Even if there were a map to navigate through this barren terrain, the person or soul making this journey wouldn't be able to retract their steps in order to reveal the way for us, therefore each of us has to face this journey alone. Hopefully something wonderful awaits the other side.

Have a safe journey.

Post-Traumatic Sketch Disorder Vol.1
Drawings by Rob White

08 May 2014
BOOK: Post-Traumatic Sketch Disorder Vol.1 (2012) is an 80 page full colour hardback book, that is packed full of Rob's drawings. Below are some photographs featuring the front and back covers and some inside spreads to give you an idea of what to expect in the finished publication.

Book specification: 80 Pages / 25cm x 21cm / Hardback ImageWrap / Premium Matte Finish / 148gsm Paper.

Price £44.99

Front cover pack shot

Page 1

Pages 12 and 13

Pages 16 and 17

Pages 40 and 41

Back cover

Price £44.99

Leftlion Magazine - Issue #58
Flying Egg Machine adorns magazine front cover!

05 May 2014
For the Easter 2014 edition of Nottingham's Leftlion Magazine, I was simply asked by their editor to go crazy along the theme of eggs!

This is exactly what I did and the Flying Egg Machine was born. A monstrous iron clad four-thousand ton, steam powered, propeller driven flying egg, hovers while ousing eggs from its birthing canal across a barren ashen grey landscape. Numerous otherworldly 'egg headed' beings scamper around with spears, defending the new born egg matter from the reader. Set on a backdrop of dense grey cross hatching this beast of an egg dominates the page.

Many thanks to Leftlion for asking me to lay this egg!

Leftlion Magazine - Issue #58 - Front cover pack shot

My Finest Creation Yet
As you can see, I've been very busy in 2013!

10 February 2014
The year 2013 has been incredible and with it has come many positive changes.

The year kicked off with the birth of our daughter Jasmine Maisy, she is doing very well and in as little as three weeks time we shall be celebrating her first birthday. Along with a new life comes the sense of new direction and working towards fulfilling creative projects, it is time to get to grips with new challenges in 2014 and make fresh headway. I start this with the launch of a new web site to showcase my creative portfolio.

I hope that you enjoy looking through the new site, it has been a bit of a trial putting it together. Many thanks to my brother (aka Uncle Rich) for helping out on occasion with the really geeky stuff!

At home with my daughter Jasmine, Christmas 2013

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