A wooden spirit being from the lower depths


A wooden spirit being from the lower depths

One hot August afternoon I took my then four-year-old twin boys for a hike through a dark forest not far from Bishop's Castle in Shropshire, England. Although small, the boys enjoy a good walk and can cover many miles with ease. To make the outing more fun, I like to point out birds of prey, types of trees and insects that cross our path, I also enjoy telling them factual stories and the history of the area.

The forest is also home to the site of Bury Ditches, one of the best-preserved Iron Age hill forts in England dating back to 500 BC. While walking on this ancient land it is not too difficult to imagine the people who once roamed and lived there, I also conjure up strange beings from folklore, trolls, kobolds and imps and start to tell my sons stories of a mythical beast which inhabits these woods. I very nearly scared my boys half to death; this is how the idea of the Skabbawakka was born.

"The Skabbawakka is an ancient spirit being that emanates from the lower depths. They are said to inhabit the heavily forested areas of Shropshire and Mid-Wales where they spend much of their lives living a subterranean existence. Occasionally they make an appearance above ground, but only on a moonless night in order to forage and hunt for food. If you are ever lucky enough to spot a Skabbawakka, as it forages for roots and vegetables or the occasional badger, then you are blessed. You actually have more chance of seeing a UFO than you have of ever spotting this dazzling black and white one-eyed beast. Before you spot one, you shall surely hear it first, as they make a KLA KLA KLA KLA sound which is highly distinctive. The Skabbawakka is said to possess healing magic and if you make eye contact with one then a lifetime of good health, fortune, and joy shall be bestowed upon you."

Ingredients / Holly Wood / Pine / Herefordshire Apple Wood / PVA Wood Glue / Acrylic Paint / Fiendishness / 12mm Steel Threaded Bar / Humour / Stainless Steel Nails / Love / Paper / Cotton / Boiled Linseed Oil / Hog Hair Bristles / Creativity / Joy /

Tools / Axe / Carving Knife / Drill / Wood Chisel / Brush / Hammer / Saw / Sandpaper /

Size / H 74 cm / W 19.5 cm / D 18.5 cm /

Price £750.00 (exc. shipping)

Skabbawakka - Front

Skabbawakka - Arms raised - Front

Skabbawakka - Upward view - Front

Skabbawakka - Side view

Skabbawakka - Back

Skabbawakka - Top half - Front

Skabbawakka - Lower half - Front

Skabbawakka - Top half - Angle