Magical supernatural creature


Magical supernatural creature

This little creature was created for a good friend who lives in the hills of Powys, Mid-Wales. He turned fifty recently and the Ogaipa was brought forth into our physical realm to accompany him on his life's journey. You can see in the images below, the process of making and crafting this miniature beast. Fruit woods when seasoned are wonderful to work with, hard yet forgiving and give me that rough surface chiselled quality that suits these creative projects. The wooden sculptures and characters that I create are all made using found wood and timber and recycled materials that would otherwise go to landfill.

“The Ogaipa is your guardian and without realising it, Ogaipa has protected you throughout your life and guided you safely to your half-centenary. It is around your fiftieth birthday that this magical supernatural creature that emanates from the lower depths suddenly materialises and becomes manifest. Look after Ogaipa and your family and yourself shall be protected too. Ogaipa likes fresh air, whisky, being held and caressed, blue cheeses, nettle soup, classical music and chess. Warning: Ogaipa is particularly sensitive to bright sunlight, cigarette smoke, politics, junk food and teenage boy bands.”

Ingredients / Herefordshire Apple Wood / Pine / PVA Wood Glue / Acrylic Paint / 12mm Steel Threaded Bar / Paper / Cotton / Boiled Linseed Oil / Nylon Bristles / Creativity / Joy /

Tools / Axe / Carving Knife / Drill / Wood Chisel / Brush / Hammer / Saw / Sandpaper /

Ogaipa - Axe carving and chopping the initial form

Ogaipa - Cutting the mouth, shaping the ears and positioning the nose

Ogaipa - Setting in place and pegging on the legs

Ogaipa - Standing up with the addition of a tail

Ogaipa - Ear slots and standing up with the addition of a tail

Ogaipa - Red nylon whiskers inserted and tongue

Ogaipa - Finished and fully crafted product and paint job

Ogaipa - Full front view

Ogaipa - Side view

Ogaipa - Looking down from above

Ogaipa - Looking up from below

Ogaipa - Facial full front close up

Ogaipa - Full three-quarter view right side

Ogaipa - Full three-quarter view left side