Wooden character which has special powers


Wooden character which has special powers

The Effahc came into this world from a few chunks of well seasoned Herefordshire apple wood. A good friend's (the clue is in the name of the creature) fortieth birthday was looming on the horizon, this creature was hewn into existence using nothing more than an axe, wood chisels and a sense of humour.

"The Effahc enters your life when you reach the age of forty. It has special powers to guide you and acts as a conduit to the ethereal plane, opening inner doorways to enhanced creative awareness. The Effahc does this by way of flatulence, the anally emitted gases contain an unknown mildly toxic compound similar to THC (Tetrahydrocannabinol) which is highly psychoactive. They have incredible olfactory senses, so keep your whiskey safe, as they adore single malts and shall ravage your supplies if detected. The Effahc is your personal guardian, take good care of him and he shall take good care of you and your family."

Ingredients / Herefordshire Apple Wood / PVA Wood Glue / Acrylic Paint / 12mm Steel Threaded Bar / Love / 12mm Wooden Dowel / Steel Nails / Paper / Joy / Boiled Linseed Oil / Creativity /

Tools / Axe / Carving Knife / Drill / Wood Chisel / Brush / Hammer / Sandpaper /

Effahc 1

Effahc 2

Effahc 3 - The business end

Effahc 4

Effahc 5

Effahc 6

Effahc 7

Effahc 8

Effahc 9

Effahc 10

Effahc 11