Purple Foot
Self-initiated Project
Acrylic And Pencil On Watercolour Paper

The tenth in a series of twenty one artworks, which were based on a trip to Nepal in August / September 1996.

Diary Entry No. 10
Saturday 31st August 1996
Dharapani To Chame

"It is 5:30 am, I have just woken up. Craig’s cough has worsened considerably during the night and I too have been suffering with a chest complaint with more blood in my phlegm, it is a worrying sign. The first thing Craig said to me this morning cheered me up a little, "We’re stuck here for ever my friend, we’ll never leave this place - ever!"

It is cold, damp and overcast outside, the Marsyandi roars after the night’s rain. My throat hurts and the room smells fusty as Craig is attempting to dry out his socks around a forty watt light bulb. The Israelis are laughing, in a moment I’m getting out of this sleeping bag, getting dressed and going to see what all the commotion is about, we’ll pack, have noodles for breakfast and hopefully be on our way by 6:30 am.

Today was not a long days trek though it seemed like we were walking forever, constantly stopping for Craig’s feet, he is in total agony with some major fungal infection. With leaving late at 8:00 am and all of the stops we had to make, we did not make Bhratang, we’re now 10km short of our objective and are now staying in Chame.

We visited the hospital today, although it was closed. Eventually we found the staff nurse, who opened the hospital especially for us; it was a small damp stone building set back in the pine trees. Craig’s feet were treated first with alcohol and then tincture violet and according to the nurse it should be okay within a week, if he keeps up the treatment, but he is not to walk, this is going to be a major problem.

Tomorrow is to be another rest day."