Made for my daughter Jasmine


Made for my daughter Jasmine

Puupuubanga like the Racso, started out as a piece of well seasoned Herefordshire apple wood. My three and a half year old daughter Jasmine liked the Racso so much, I decided to make her a creature of her very own.

I asked her what colours she wanted me to embellish it with and she listed all the colours present in the images below. However when it was completed, she decided that she wanted it to be pink! I couldn't think of a name for this creature, so instead relied on asking Jasmine what his or her name was to be and she came up with Puupuubanga. I couldn't argue with this choice of name, as it suited the beast very well.

Carving and chopping the initial form

The addition of a finely carved nose

Horns and nose added, now the character begins to take shape

Puupuubanga 1

Puupuubanga 2

Puupuubanga 3

Puupuubanga 4

Puupuubanga 5